Agile Encore Workshops 2016


Wednesday 9 November 2016


UNSW CBD Campus, 1 O’Connell St, Sydney

Expand your Agile knowledge this year with an Agile Encore workshop. The most highly-rated Agile Australia workshops will be offered in Sydney. Some of these workshops sold out during Agile Australia 2016, so this is an unmissable opportunity for intimate learning experiences with thought leaders in Agile. Mix and match half-day sessions or select a full-day workshop and immerse yourself in a deep-dive learning experience. Choose from workshops on mindsets, visual management, and more. Take home new, innovative approaches that you can apply immediately in the workplace. You can also send your team and take advantage of our group rates.

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Full Day Workshop - 9:00AM-5.00PM - Cost: $800
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Dealing with complexity, working within constraints and adapting to change - people handle challenges much more effectively on some occasions than others. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn about the role of “mindsets” and how to work with them in order to support people (including yourself!) when they’re not performing their best. This workshop will focus on the "How" and less on the "What" and "Why" of mindsets.

People can't bring out the best in others unless they know how to bring out the best in themselves. Based on this premise, in this highly interactive, fast-paced, and fun one-day workshop - which will be run mostly as a series of hands-on experiential and collaborative exercises – you will:

► Learn what cutting-edge scientific research has revealed about the role of mindsets in resilience, openness, learning, and collaborating effectively.
► Reflect on some of the major challenges you’ve had and your confidence to deal with them effectively.
► Become more mindful regarding the role of mindsets in creating or undermining a safe space for transparency and the raising/escalation of impediments.
► Increase your mindfulness about how your prevailing mindset affects your resilience, development, and productivity.
► Develop a personalised practical toolkit of scientifically-validated strategies for fostering the growth mindset-enabled continuous improvement of yourself and others.
► Receive feedback from a peer on a trial application of your toolkit as you rehearse coaching someone in your workplace to lift their performance.
► Develop a list of high-value insights and related initiatives for cultivating shared growth mindsets in your workplace.
► Have the option to give and receive ongoing peer support in implementing your plans.
► Conduct a personal retrospective regarding the extent to which this workshop has increased your insights and confidence to tackle the challenges you face.

Attendees may have an opportunity (though no obligation) to participate in an ongoing mindsets research project.

Target audience: Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, and other people with delivery or stakeholder management responsibilities.


For over 20 years, Peter Heslin has facilitated professionals, managers, and executives in framing their challenges in ways that enable them to discover and pursue productive ways forward. Since completing his PhD on managers’ mindset dynamics, leading academic journals have published Peter’s stream of rigorous research on the role of managers' mindsets in effective performance appraisals, employee coaching, employee engagement, career success, and facilitating employees "going the extra mile." Peter has won a number of teaching awards, most recently the 2014 UNSW Business School’s AGSM MBA Programs Teaching Excellence in a Core Course award. Since 2002, Peter has relished the opportunity to continually present, adapt, and refine this renowned mindsets workshop in leading organisations across the US, Europe, Brazil, and Australia.

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Half Day Workshop - 1:30PM-5:00PM - $450
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Energise teams and improve performance with Visual Management
How do we move beyond visualising “To Do, Doing and Done”? How can great visualisations support more energised and focused teams? How can the best visuals encourage better practices without management intervention?

Many teams are disengaged, underperforming and too busy to improve. In this Masterclass you will learn techniques to lead teams from too busy (Chaos) to visualising purpose and performance (Clarity), onto visualising demand and capacity (Control), then visualising teamwork (Collaboration), and finally visualising improvement (Kicking Ass).

This class shows you how to create happier and more energised teams that have better managed work and measurably higher performance.

This Masterclass includes:
► A fun and hands-on half day workshop covering:
► How visualisation can improve Clarity, Control and Collaboration
► Visualising Collaboration in cross-functional teams
► Managing demand and capacity visually
► Managing process improvements and experiments visually
► Extracting valuable insights and data from your visualisations
► Using visualisation to extend agility outside IT teams
► Navigating available office space and usage policies
► Real world examples and lessons from industry
► A copy of the eBook 99 Visualisation Examples
► A copy of my whitepaper ‘Principles of Visual Workspace Design’
► Membership in an exclusive visual management practitioners community for ongoing peer support beyond the classroom

Target audience:
This Masterclass is ideal for ScrumMasters, team leaders and Agile coaches who are ready to take the next step in their mastery of Visual Management techniques including applying advanced Kanban techniques.

Ben Hogan has been helping teams visualise their work since 2003, building team walls, information radiators and project war rooms. Ben has an enduring passion for awesome stationery and can perform magic with index cards. He is a veteran of introducing visualisation to many IT projects, IT operations teams and business teams including marketing, HR, finance and customer service. At the enterprise scale Ben has introduced visualisation practices in industries such as higher education, insurance and start-up training organisations. He is one of the first people to teach Kanban in Australia, is a Lean Kanban Coach and is a participant in the Kanban Leadership Retreat.

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